Bondzup Terms of Service

Welcome to Bondzup

Terms of Service Overview

Below is a summary of our Terms of Service for our “Platform”, which suggests any website, application, or service we provide . you ought to read the entire Terms of Service because that document (and not this overview) is our legally binding agreement. The Terms of Service includes information about your legal rights and covers areas, limitations of liability, resolution of disputes by mandatory arbitration instead of a judge or jury during a court of law, and a category action waiver

Bondzup is a  social media and network services site that permits users to attach with their friends in a convenient way. These Terms govern your use of Bondzup and other integrated products, platforms, features, apps, network services and technologies we provide . These Products are provided to you by Bondzup, Inc.

The platform products and network services are built for users to attach with one another , build communities and grow businesses. 

It’s freed from charge to use Bondzup or other products and services. However, businesses pay the services of Bondzup to point out you ads, for his or her products and services. By using our products, you agree that we will show you ads that we expect are going to be relevant to you and your interests. We use your personal data to assist determine which ads to point out you.

We don’t sell your personal data to advertisers, and that we don’t share information that directly identifies you (such as your name, email address or other contact information) with advertisers unless you give us specific permission.

Your Relationship with Bondzup

By using our Platform, you’re agreeing to our Terms of Service. The Terms of Service are a legally binding agreement between you and Bondzup.

If you break the principles, we may suspend or terminate your account


Bondzup Groups, Organizers and Members

Organizers may establish membership criteria for his or her own Bondzup groups. While there’s probably a Bondzup group out there for everybody , not every Bondzup group is for you. If you can’t find the proper group, you’ll easily start your own Bondzup group.

Using our Bondzup Platform and Network services involves meeting real people and doing real things within the world , which may sometimes cause unexpected situations. We can’t control what happens within the world , and that we aren’t liable for it. you ought to use sense and logic when interacting with others

Your Content and Content of Others

You are liable for your “Content”, which suggests any information, material, or other content posted to our Platform. Your Content must suits our Terms of Service, which incorporates all the Usage and Content Policies integrated with Bondzup platforms

We don’t own the Content that you simply post. However, we do require that you simply provide us a license to use this Content so as for us to work , improve, promote, and protect Bondzup and our Platform for the advantage of you et al.

We aren’t liable for Content that members post or the communications that members send using our Platform. We generally don’t review Content before it’s posted. If you see Content that violates our Terms of Service, you’ll report inappropriate Content to us.

Our Platform

We try hard to form sure that our Platform is usually available and dealing , but we cannot guarantee it’ll be. Occasionally things might not go exactly as planned. We apologize beforehand for any inconvenience.We are continually improving our Platform. this suggests that we may add more products and services, modify or discontinue portions of our Platform.

By using our Platform, you comply with the restrictions of liability and release in our Terms of Service. you furthermore may comply with resolve any disputes you’ll have with us within the manner described within the Terms of Service. Unless you’re based within the European Union , you comply with mandatory arbitration and waive your right to hunt relief from a judge or jury during a court of law. Claims can only be brought individually, and not as a part of a category action.

You could also be based during a country where the laws that apply provide for various or additional rights and obligations. These Terms of Service will means areas of difference

Terms of Service

Bondzup Terms of Service contain important rules and information about your legal rights. to make it easier to understand , we’ve provided summaries and tips in these gray boxes. These summaries aren’t a part of the official terms, and it is vital for you to read the language in each section carefully.

  1. This agreement

You comply with follow some basic rules when using Bondzup’s Platform. These rules are described in these Terms of Service, including the relevant policies and guidelines discussed below. We may change these rules.

  • The agreement


Bondzup enables you and other members to rearrange offline, real-world Bondzup groups and Bondzup events. The terms “Bondzup,” “we,” “us,” and “our” include Bondzup, Inc. and our corporate parent, affiliates, or subsidiaries. We use the terms “you” and “your” to mean a person using our Platform, and any organization or person using the Platform on an organization’s behalf. We use the word “Platform” to mean any website, application, or service offered by Bondzup, including content we provide and electronic communications we send. we offer our Platform to you subject to those Terms of Service. We use the terms “Terms of Service” and “Agreement” interchangeably to mean this document along side all the Bondzup Policies on Usage and Content Policies m Group Policies, Member Restrictions and other Bondzup integrated Platform relevant policies. Your use of the Platform signifies that you simply comply with this Agreement. If you’re using the Platform for a corporation , you comply with this Agreement on behalf of that organization, and represent you’ve got authority to bind that organization to the terms contained during this Agreement. If you are doing not or are unable to comply with this Agreement, don’t use our Platform

Tip: These Terms of Service are an agreement between you and Bondzup and not between you and the other member. Refer to FAQ page explaining the parties to our Terms of Service.

  • Revisions to this Agreement. 

This Agreement is subject to modification from time to time .Once we do, we’ll provide notice to you by publishing the foremost current version and revising the date at the very best of this page. If we make any material change to this Agreement, we’ll provide additional notice to you, like by sending you an email or displaying a prominent notice on our Platform. By continuing to use the Platform after any changes inherit effect, you suits the revised Agreement. If you’re doing not wish to easily accept the revised Agreement, you’ll close your account

  1. Your Account and Membership


Summary: you would like to be a minimum of 18 years old to use our Platform. Bondzup organizers control the Content and membership of their Bondzup groups. However, we may result to remove any Content you post or terminate your account at any time.


Our Platform is out there to anyone who is a minimum of 18 years old. You represent that you simply are a minimum of 18. Additional eligibility requirements for a specific portion of our Platform could also be set by any member who has the power to moderate or manage that portion of our Platform. for instance , the eligibility requirements for a Bondzup group or Bondzup event could also be set by the organizers of that group.

  • Modification, Suspension, and Termination of Your Account.


We may modify, suspend, or terminate your account or access to the Platform if, in our sole judgement, we determine that you simply have violated this Agreement, including any of the policies or guidelines that are a part of this Agreement, that it’s within the best interest of the Bondzup community, or to guard our brand or Platform. When this happens, we’ll notify you of the explanations for the modification, suspension, or termination. We also may remove accounts of members who are inactive for an extended period of your time . Please email if you think the modification, suspension, or termination has occurred in error.

  • Account Information and Security.

When you made your registeration in the platform, you provide us with some basic information, including an email address and a password. Keep safe of  your email address and other account information current and accurate. Also, you comply with maintain the safety and confidentiality of your password (or else we may have to disable your account). We strongly encourage you to settle on a robust and unique password that’s not shared with the other account or online service and practice other healthy password security habits to assist avoid unauthorized access to your account. You alone are liable for anything that happens from your failure to take care of that security and confidentiality, like by sharing your account credentials with others. If someone is using your password or accessing your account without your permission, email us at

  • License to the Bondzup Platform and Services.

Subject to your compliance with this Agreement, Bondzup grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sub licensable, non-transferable right to use the Platform so as to access and use the services and features that we make available to you.

It’s freed from charge to use Bondzup or other products and services. However, businesses pay the services of Bondzup to point out you ads, for his or her products and services. By using our products, you agree that we will show you ads that we expect are going to be relevant to you and your interests. We use your personal data to assist determine which ads to point out you.

  1. The Services we offer

Our mission is to offer people the facility to create community and convey the planet closer together. to assist advance this mission, we offer the Products and services described below to you:

  • Provide a customized experience for you.

Your experience in Bonzup is exclusive to anyone else from the post, stories, ads and events you see within the recent activity and in your profile stream or video platform you follow in the pages and other platform features you would possibly use like Trending, Search and Multi Vendor Marketplace where any member can be a reseller and create own store. We use the info we’ve – for instance , about the connections you create , the alternatives and settings you decide on , and what you share and do use of  our Products – to personalize your experience

  • Get connected with people and organizations you care about.

This platform assist you discover and connect and interact with various groups, businesses, organizations that matters to your line of interest and enthusiasm with any bondzup products you use . All is your choice with people you care about when it involves groups to hitch , events to attend, shows to observe , products to get and other people you’ll want to become friends with. Stronger ties bring better communities. and that we believe our services are most useful when people are connected to people, groups, and organizations they care about. Remember, it’s your community.your way. but no body does it alone. Trust is vital .

  • Empower you to express yourself and communicate about what matters to you.

Bonzup provides convenient ways to express yourself and to speak together with your family, friends et althat matters to you like sharing of status, updates, videos, music, and stories with any Bondzup products you will use, sending messages to your friends or several people, creating a group or adding content to your profile. We are continually improving our Platform. This means that we may modify or and more product and services or discontinue portions of our Platform.

  • Help you discover content, products, and services which will interest you.

Bondzup helps you discover products, services and contents which will interest you on  Classified ads, offers, marketplace products and other sponsored contents assist you find products, services and other contents that are offered by the various businesses and organizations that use Bondzup products other services. You can buy and sell any products you can think of.

At Bondzup, we created the Community Guidelines to support our mission by encouraging the broadest range of self-expression while making sure Bondzup chatters can use our services safely every day so that people feel welcome and safe to express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas.

  1. How our services are funded

Instead of paying to use Bondzup and therefore the other products and services we provide by using the Bondzup Products covered by these Terms, you agree that we will show you ads that companies and organizations pay us to market on and off the Bondzup Company Products. We use your personal data, like information about your activity and interests, to point out you ads that are more relevant to you.

Community member’s privacy is vital to how we’ve designed our ad system. this suggests that we will show you relevant and useful ads without telling advertisers who you’re . we do not sell your personal data. We allow advertisers to inform us things like their business goal, and therefore the quite audience they need to ascertain their ads. We then show their ad to the entire community that could be interested.

We don’t share  your personal information that basically dentifies your name, email address or other contact information with advertisers except when you give us specific permission.

  1. Your commitments to Bondzup and our community

We provide our platform services to you et al. to assist advance our mission. In return, we’d like you to form the subsequent commitments

  • Who can use Bondzup
  • When the members of the bondzup community stand behind their opinions and actions, our community is safer and more accountable. For this reason, you must:
    • Use an equivalent real name that you simply use in lifestyle .
    • Register accurate information about yourself.
    • Create just one account (your own) and use your profile timeline for private purposes.
    • Never share your password and provides access to your Bondzup account to others, or transfer your account to anyone else (without our permission).
  • We attempt to make Bondzup widely available to everyone, but you can’t use Bondzup if:
    • You are under 13 years old (or the minimum majority in your country to use our Products).
    • When you are a convicted sex offender
    • Your account was previously disabled for violations of our Terms or Policies.
    • What you can share and do on Bondzup
  1. We want community members to use Bondzup to express themselves and to share content that’s important to them, but not at the expense of the security and well-being of others or the integrity of our community. You therefore agree to not engage within the conduct described below (or to facilitate or support others in doing so):
  2. You’ll not use our Products to try to to or share anything:
  • That violates these Terms, our Community Standards, and other terms and policies that apply to your use of Bondzup.
  • That is unlawful, misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent.
  • That infringes or violates someone else’s rights, including their property rights
  1. You may not upload viruses or malicious code or do anything that would disable, overburden, or impair the right working or appearance of our Products.
  2. Engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts, that’s designed to interfere with or disrupt, or imposes undue burdens on the Platform or its systems
  3. You’ll not access or collect data from our Products using automated means (without our prior permission) or plan to access data you are doing not have permission to access. We can remove or restrict access to content that’s in violation of those provisions. If we remove content that you simply have shared in violation of our Community Standards, we’ll allow you to know and explain any options you’ve got to request another review, exceept you seriously or repeatedly violate these Terms or if doing so may expose us or others to legal liability; harm our community of users; compromise or interfere with the integrity or operation of any of our services, systems or Products; where we are restricted thanks to technical limitations; or where we are prohibited from doing so for legal reasons .To help support our community, we encourage you to report content or conduct that you simply believe violates your rights (including property rights) or our terms and policies.
    • The permissions you give us

We require certain permissions from you to supply our services:

  1. Permission to Bondzup to use content you create and share:

Some content that you simply share or upload, like photos or videos, could also be protected by property laws. You own the property rights (things like copyright or trademarks) in any such content that you simply create and share on Bondzup and therefore the other Bondzup Company Products you employ . Nothing in these Terms takes away the rights you’ve got to your own content. you’re liberal to share your content with anyone else, wherever you would like. However, to supply our services we’d like you to offer us some legal permissions (known as a ‘license’) to use this content. this is often solely for the needs of providing and improving our Products and services

This license would permit your Content to stay on the Platform, even after you cease to be a member of a Bondzup group or of the Platform

  1. Permission to use your name, profile picture, and knowledge about your actions with ads and sponsored content:

You give us permission to use your name and profile picture and knowledge about actions you’ve got taken on Facebook next to or in reference to ads, offers, and other sponsored content that we display across our Products, with none compensation to you. for instance , we may show your friends that you simply have an interest in an advertised event or have liked a Page created by a brand that has paid us to display its ads on Facebook. Ads like this will be seen only by people that have your permission to ascertain the actions you’ve taken on Facebook. you’ll learn more about your ad settings and preferences

  1. Your Content and Privacy

You’re liable for the Content that you simply post to the Platform or otherwise provide to Bondzup. We use the word “Content” to mean the knowledge , material, and the other content that you simply post  or otherwise send to us

  • Your Content.

You’re responsible for the Content that you simply post to the Platform or otherwise provide to Bondzup. We use the word “Content” to mean the knowledge ,material, and therefore the other content that you  simply post to the Platform or otherwise send to us. samples of your Content include:

  • The material that organizers and members typically post to the Platform, like information about Bondzup groups and events, comments, videos and photos
  • All feedback, suggestions, and other communications that you simply send or direct to Bondzup.

By being liable for your Content, you agree, among other things, that:

  • You have all the permissions, rights, and licenses needed (including under copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, privacy rights, or publicity rights) to supply the Content to the Platform and to Bondzup;
  • Your Content doesn’t include personal, private or tip belonging to others; and
  • Your Content doesn’t otherwise violate the rights of a person or entity.
  • You also agree that you simply and your Content suits this Agreement, including our Usage and Content Policies, Groups Policies, Organizer and Leadership Standards, Member Restrictions, property Policies, API License Terms. you furthermore may agree that we may remove the metadata related to your Content.
    • Your Content License

We don’t claim ownership of your Content. However,  to enable us to work , improve, promote, and protect Bondzup and our Platform, and to make sure we don’t violate any rights you’ll have in your Content, You hereby give permission to  Bondzup a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub licensable, transferable right and license (including a waiver of any moral rights) to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, publish, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, and make derivative works of, your Content and to commercialize and exploit the copyright, trademark, publicity, and database rights you’ve got in your Content.

  • Privacy

Privacy. Bondzup collects registration and other information about you thru our Platform. Please ask our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for details on how we collect, use, and disclose this information. These policies don’t govern use of data that you simply provide to 3rd parties, like to organizers and other members of Bondzup’s Platform.

  1. Your Use OF Our Platform

We require that you simply follow our policies and community guidelines when using our Platform. we’ve no responsibility for Content that anyone posts to our Platform.

  • Our Policies, Guidelines and Applicable Laws.

Once you use our Platform, we require that you simply follow the Usage and Content Policies, Groups and Events Policies, Organizer and Leadership Standards, Member Restrictions, Payment Policies, Trademark Usage Guidelines, and API License Terms. you furthermore may suits comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and to not violate or infringe the rights of any third party.

In addition, your access to and use of some areas or features of the Platform could even be subject to additional terms, policies, standards or guidelines (“Additional Terms”). you will be required to easily accept these Additional Terms before you’ll access these Platform areas and features. If there is a conflict between the Terms of Service and thus the extra Terms, those Additional Terms will govern your access to and use of that Platform area or feature, unless otherwise laid call at the additional Terms.

When a certain products and features of the Platform uses third party services to provide certain features and services for our members, our members could even be required to suits the terms of service that apply to those features and services. as an example , some areas of our Platform feature mapping services provided by Google Maps and Google Earth. once you employ these mapping services on the Platform, you suits be bound by the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service.

If you’re doing not comply, we may modify, suspend, or terminate your account or access to the Platform, in our sole discretion, which we’ll provide you with reasons for the modification, suspension, or termination. Please email if you think that the modification, suspension, or termination has occurred in error.

  • Your Content and Content of Others.

Bondzup doesn’t control the Content of other members. once we become conscious of inappropriate Content on our Platform, we reserve the proper to research and take appropriate action, but we don’t have any obligation to watch , nor can we take responsibility for, the Content of other members.

  • Interactions with Others.

Bondzup isn’t a celebration to any offline arrangements made through our Platform. Bondzup doesn’t conduct or require background checks on members and doesn’t plan to verify the reality or accuracy of statements made by members. Bondzup makes no representations or warranties concerning the conduct or Content of any members or their interactions with you.

  • Prohibited Uses of the Platform.

Our Platform contains proprietary and tip and is protected by property and other laws. Unless we expressly permit it through this Agreement, you agree that you  simply won’t , either directly or indirectly (a) use, host, store, reproduce, modify, publish, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, or create or compose derivative works of the Platform, or any portion of the Platform; (b) remove or alter the proprietary notices on the Platform; (c) reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or decide to discover the ASCII document or structure, sequence, formation and organization of the Platform; and (d) rent, lease, resell, distribute, or use the Platform for commercial purposes that are not part and contemplated by this Agreement. You furthermore may agree that you simply won’t use the Platform to solicit or collect (i) personal data from others except as necessary for the administration of or participation during a group or event or (ii) sensitive personal data, as defined or treated intrinsically under applicable law (including, by way of example only, health information and Social Security numbers and other government identifiers). additionally , you agree that you simply will suits the export control laws of your local jurisdiction. you furthermore may represent and warrant that you simply aren’t located during a country that’s subject to a U.S. and world listed government embargo or that has been designated by the U.S. government as a “terrorist supporting” country, which you’re ex-directory on any U.S. government list of prohibited or restricted parties. If you’re a developer working with our API, you ought to review our API License Terms.

  • Platform Safety and Security.

You agree that you simply won’t , either directly or indirectly, (a) extract data from the Platform for a billboard purpose not permitted by these Terms of Service, whether through use of an automatic system or software, and whether operated by a 3rd party or otherwise (“screen scraping,” “data scraping,” or “web scraping”); (b) engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts, that’s designed to interfere with or disrupt, or imposes undue burdens on the Platform or its systems.

You comply with use, retain, and otherwise process personal data collected from the Platform in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations and solely for purposes of administering and participating in Bondzup groups and Bondzup events. Without limitation, you comply with provide notice to individuals about your processing of their personal data, to get any necessary consents, and to reply to requests made by individuals as needed by applicable law. you furthermore may comply with safeguard such data from unauthorized access or processing. you want to delete such personal data once it’s not strictly necessary for the administration of a Bondzup group or Bondzup event or promptly following an invitation from Bondzup, and you’ll promptly certify to such deletion.

  • Platform Updating our Term and Platform.

We exerting continuously to enhance our services and develop new features to form our Products better for you and our community. As a result, we may have to update these Terms from time to time to accurately reflect our services and practices. we’ll only make any changes if the provisions are not any longer appropriate or if they’re incomplete, and as long as the changes are reasonable and take due account of your interests.

We will notify you (for example, by email or through our Products) a minimum of 30 days before we make changes to those Terms and provides you a chance to review them before they are going into effect, unless changes are required by law. Once any updated Terms are in effect, you’ll be bound by them if you still use our Products.

We hope that you simply will continue using our Products, but if you are doing not comply with our updated Terms and not want to be a neighborhood of the Bondzup community, you’ll delete your account at any time..

  • Third Party Sites and Services.

The Bondzup platform contains links to 3rd party sites, and is integrated with various third party services, applications and sites which can make available to you their content and products. We have no control these third parties and we aren’t responsible for those sites or services or their content or products. These third parties may have their own terms and policies, and your use of them are getting to be governed by those terms and policies. you’re doing not have a license to use the property of third parties merely by way of your access to our Platform.

  • Account suspension or termination

We want Bondzup to be a neighborhood where people feel welcome and safe to express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas .If we discover that you simply have clearly, seriously or frequently breached our Terms or Policies, including especially our Community Standards, we may suspend or permanently disable access to your account. we will also suspend or disable your account if you repeatedly infringe other people’s property rights or where we are required to undertake to to so for legal reasons.

Where we take such action we’ll allow you to understand and explain any options you’ve to request a review, unless doing so may expose us or others to legal liability; harm our community of users; compromise or interfere with the integrity or operation of any of our services, systems or Products; or where we are restricted thanks to technical limitations. You’ll learn more about what you’ll do if your account has been disabled and therefore the thanks to contact us if you think that that we’ve disabled your account by mistake Terms shall terminate as an agreement between you and us once your account is deleted or once we disabled your account.

  1. Release

To the complete extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to not hold us liable for anything that happens associated with transactions with third parties, member interactions, or in reference to a Bondzup group or Bondzup event. You furthermore may agree to not hold organizers liable for their negligence in reference to their Content, a Bondzup group, or Bondzup event.

To the complete extent permitted by applicable law, you comply with release us and our officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, consultants, corporate parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, sponsors, and other third-party partners ( “Bondzup Parties”) from claims, demands, and damages (direct and consequential) (“Claims”), arising out of or in any way connected with any transaction with a 3rd party, your interactions with other members, or in reference to a Bondzup group or a Bondzup event. you furthermore may agree, to the complete extent permitted by applicable law, to release organizers from Claims supported an organizer’s negligence arising out of or in any way connected with their Content, a Bondzup group, or a Bondzup event. The law in some countries and states don’t allow the discharge , so these limits might not apply to you. You waive and relinquish all rights and benefits that you simply have or any similar provision of statutory or non-statutory law of the other jurisdiction to the fullest extent permitted by law.

You acknowledge that some Bondzup and other part events carry inherent dangers, like the danger of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death. By participating in these events, you understand and agree that you simply have freely chosen to assume these risks.

  1. Indemnification

To the complete extent permitted by applicable law, you comply with reimburse us if we get sued in reference to your use of our Platform.

To the complete extent permitted by applicable law, you comply with indemnify, defend and hold all Bondzup Parties harmless from any Claims, made by any third party due to or consequences as a result of (a) your violations of this Agreement, (b) your use, misuse, or abuse of our Platform, (c) your Content, (d) your violation of any law, statute, ordinance or regulation or the rights of a 3rd party, or (e) your participation or conduct during a Bondzup group or event that violates this Agreement. You comply with promptly notify us of any third party Claims, cooperate with all Bondzup Parties in safeguarding such Claims, and pay all fees, costs and expenses related to safeguarding such Claims (including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees). You agree to not settle any Claim without our prior written consent.

  1. Limit of Liability

We exerting to supply the simplest Products we will and to specify clear guidelines for everybody who uses them. Our Products, however, are provided “as is,” and that we make no guarantees that they always are going to be safe, secure, or error-free, or that they’re going to function without disruptions, delays, or imperfections.

To the extent permitted by law, we also DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR a specific PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. We don’t control or direct what people et al. do or say, and that we aren’t liable for their actions or conduct (whether online or offline) or any content they share (including offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, and other objectionable content).

  1. Disputes

We attempt to provide clear rules in order that we will limit or hopefully avoid disputes between you and us. If a dispute does arise, however, it’s useful to understand up front where it are often resolved and what laws will apply. If you’re a consumer, the laws of the country during which you reside will apply to any claim, explanation for action, or dispute you’ve got against us that arises out of or relates to those Terms or the Bondzup Products, and you’ll resolve your claim in any competent court therein country that has jurisdiction over the claim. altogether other cases, you agree that the claim must be resolved exclusively within the Philippine cour located in Quezon City.. You furthermore may agree that you simply undergo the private jurisdiction of either of those courts for the aim of litigating any such claim, which the laws in the Philippine will govern these Terms and any claim, without reference to conflict of law provisions.

  1. Other
  • These Terms constitute the wholeagreement between you and Bondzup, Inc. regarding your use of our Products.
  • Some of the Products we provide also are governed by supplemental terms. If you employ any of these Products, supplemental terms are going to be made available and can become a part of our agreement with you. as an example , if you access or use our Products for commercial or business purposes, like buying ads, selling products, developing apps, managing a Bondzup group or Page for your business, or using our measurement services, you want to comply with our Commercial Terms. If you post or share content containing music, you want to suits our Music Guidelines. To the extent any supplemental terms conflict with these Terms, the supplemental terms shall prevail to the extent of the conflict
  • If any portion of those Terms is found to be unenforceable, the remaining portion will remain fully force and effect. If we fail to enforce any of those Terms, it’ll not be considered a waiver. Any amendment to or waiver of those Terms must be made in writing and signed by us.
  • You’ll not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone else without our consent.
  • You’ll designate an individual (called a legacy contact) to manage your account if it’s memorialized. Only your legacy contact or an individual who you’ve got identified during a valid will or similar document expressing clear consent to disclose your content upon death or incapacity are going to be ready to seek disclosure from your account after it’s memorialized.
  • These Terms don’t confer any third-party beneficiary rights. All of our rights and obligations under these Terms are freely assignable by us in reference to a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, or by operation of law or otherwise.
  • You ought to know that we may have to vary the username for your account in certain circumstances (for example, if somebody else claims the username and it appears unrelated to the name you employ in everyday life). we’ll inform you beforehand if we’ve to try to this and explain why. Your feedback and other suggestions about our products and services  is always appreciated. But you should know that we may use them with none  restriction or obligation to compensate you, and we are under no obligation to keep them confidential.
  • We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.
  1. Other Terms and Guidelines that may apply to you
    • Community Rules

These guidelines outline our standards regarding the content you post to Bonddzup and your activity on Bondzup and other Bondzup Products and Services

  • Community Guidelines

These Guidelines apply to all or any or any content on Bondzup

  • Bondzup Commercial Terms

These terms apply if you furthermore may access or use Bondzup Products for any commercial or business purpose, including advertising, operating an app on our Platform, using our measurement services, managing a Bondzup group or a Page for a business, or selling goods or services

  • Advertising Policies

These policies specify what sorts of ad content are allowed by partners who advertise across the Bondzup Products.

  • Intellectual Property

If you employ Bondzup’s trademark, make certain to follow our Trademark Usage Guidelines. Also, don’t infringe on anyone’s property . If you think your property is being infringed somewhere on the Bondzup Platform, please follow the procedures in our property Dispute Policies

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