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Bondzup is a social media and network services platform based in the Philippines. It is founded by Engr. Osccar B Paragas.The platform allows users to connect with their friends in a convenient way. The platform products and network services are built for users to connect with each other, build communities and grow businesses. 

It is free of charge to use Bondzup or other products and services. However, businesses pay the services of Bondzup to show you ads, for their products and services.

Build your community the way you wanted to be and convey your world closer together. Your experience in Bonzup is exclusive to anyone else from the post, stories, ads and events you see within the recent activity and in your profile stream or video platform you follow in the pages and other platform features you might use such trending, search and Multi Vendor Marketplace where any member can be a reseller and create own store.


Have Fun

A great way to get your message out to a wide audience

Create Profile

Profiles come with custom fields that users can fill in with information about themselves..

Upload Audios and Videos

Audio & Video uploads directly to this platform. You can also link videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc. for easy and comfortable viweing.

Upload Photos

The platform allow members upload images to the Stream, Groups, Messages and Chat. It invigorates communities with pictures that people love to see and share.


Open for memberships. Build connections and grow your community


Bondzup offers members the opportunity to establish and join groups of similar people and interests


Users can create classifieds ads right in the community view

Send Messages

Communicate via private messages & real-time chat. Every community needs a convenient way for members to message each other privately

Bondzup Multivendor marketplace allows any member to create their own store to become a vendor. You can sell and buy anything.


Adding a classified ads to your existing community, fantastic idea!





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